Great applications for a really great product. Here are just some of the ways you can take advantage of our closed cell spray foam.

New Construction

Spray foam installation comes with so many incredible benefits. The best time to take advantage is right at the very beginning.

Pole Barns and Metal buildings

These structures are not initially intended to be climate controlled and are difficult to insulate using traditional methods. Spray foam is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to insulate pole barns and garages

Commercial Rooftops

This is being noticed as one of the most innovative ways to re-roof a large flat roof building. Closed cell foam is hard and strong. Closed cell spray foam seals well, lasts a long time, and helps insulate the building from the outdoors.


Older buildings are typically under-insulated if insulated at all, and have a tendency to be very drafty. A proper spray foam installation can effectively insulate, seal, offer higher overall strength. 

Agricultural Buildings

Spray foam insulation helps keep the barns from the extreme temperatures that can harm or even kill the birds. An added benefit is the sealing capabilities it has in keeping rodents and other pests out.

Large Cooling Rooms

Walk-ins made with Closed Cell Spray Foam can keep it's contents at a more constant temperature and run much more efficiently.

Basements and Crawl Spaces

They are typically cold and damp. Because it is an effective moisture barrier, sealer, and thermal insulator, closed cell spray foam is a perfect choice for basements and crawl spaces.

Attics and Cathedral Ceilings

A lot of energy is lost through the rooftop. You can truly get the most return on your dollar by choosing spray foam as an insulator above the ceiling or below the roof.